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​Shoe Rack

Walking shoe rack is both functional and sculptural by its look. The wooden components are magnet fastened, which can be assembled within seconds. Each slipper rack can set four pairs of slippers.


The gentleman's leather toilet paper box adopts a set of four-button buttons, and is dyed with all-benzene leather, which truly presents the purest appearance of leather, and has a considerable improvement in the use experience and years of furniture and products.

Leather Color: Dark Green/Dark Brown/Mist Black

Size: 22X11X9cm


* When moving and assembling, special attention should be paid to the possibility of movement and dislocation of the magnetic structure.
* When moving, please hold the four parts with both hands to ensure that the parts are stable.
* Do not collide and cause the connection to shift.
* Please pay attention to the magnetic gripping structure when assembling.

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