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artisan furniture
Craftsman-grade original furniture.

Craftsman furniture-Gian furniture was founded in 2019, inheriting the spirit of craftsmen for 30 years, and retaining the fine "hand way" cultivated for many years. We hope to create a Taiwanese furniture brand with the unique creativity of Taiwanese designers and the meticulous workmanship of local craftsmen, aiming to become a well-known brand across the world. GIAN is taken from the Italian artisan (Artigiano), hoping to create your dream home with good artisan-level furniture.

Seek a breakthrough.

Craftsman's works adhere to the simple but not simple design thinking, study the possibility of different media, and take care of every little detail, so that the furniture produced by the craftsman will last for a long time. We are constantly looking for top and unique materials to make furniture, which not only improves the living quality and security of our guests, but also matches well with the home, creating a living attitude that belongs to Taiwanese.


​Natural leather, a treasure of nature.

All-benzene dyed cowhide is exclusively imported from Europe, which is a classic of international leather sofas. The whole cowhide dyeing technology does not use paint. Only the highest-grade leather embryo can use this manufacturing method. It is skin-friendly, flexible, waterproof and has excellent properties. It retains the unique capillary surface of the first layer of cowhide, and the natural texture is clearly visible, so that each piece of furniture has a unique cowhide texture.


Feel the solid wood, the temperature of a beautiful home.

All woods are EU tested for formaldehyde free:

1. Walnut

Deep in color, restrained and a little noble, walnut has a fine texture, uniform texture and variable color. It is produced in North America and is very popular among Taiwanese people.
2. Ash (Ash)

The color is light and white, the wood grain is straight, bright and has a three-dimensional sense, and the change of the texture can be clearly felt through the hands. It is widely accepted by the public.
3. White Oak (Oak)

White oak has a rich texture and has a warm wheat color, excellent hand feel, quite firm texture, difficult to process, and therefore quite durable.


​Careful and comfortable.

All soft cushions of Craftsman Furniture are made of high-quality high-density foam, which does not collapse and damage and has good resilience. The structure is divided into three layers. The bottom layer uses hard material as the base support, and the middle layer uses soft material to increase the wrapping and elasticity. , the upper layer uses silk cotton to resist moisture and improve the sitting feeling. Natural all-benzene dyed leather is used as the fabric, which is natural to the touch and not afraid of water. The fabric is made of European anti-fouling cloth, with good texture and high wear resistance.

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