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Product Name: Pony High Stool
V series-Pony bar stool high chair

Won the 2020 Golden Pin Design Award Golden Pin Design Award

Brand: GIAN
Origin: Taiwan
Year: 2019

Material: Ash
Chair cushion: full aniline dyed cowhide chair cushion
Size: Width 38 Depth 34 Height 64 cm
*Suitable for height 88-95 cm bar

Leather Colour: Matte/Grey/Caramel/Türkiye Blue
Coating: Painted

[casual gesture]
Like to fly high and ride a pony is no longer a child's patent! The high stool is a representative of rest and leisure furniture. It is matched with full aniline dyed cowhide upholstered cushions to further enhance the comfort and delicate texture. The simple wooden chair body It implies quite a lot of structural considerations to meet all the needs of "sitting".

A piece of playful furniture for adults was thus born. The cushion design has a sitting feeling like riding a pony, and a condescending view. It is the original intention of this chair to be able to straddle or sit sideways at will, adding fun to the home space.

Observing that the layout of kitchens in Taiwan is mostly narrow and long, the chairs are made into the same narrow and long shape. The long seat cushion looks like a saddle, so it is named Pony. It is not only suitable for kitchens, but also suitable for indoor spaces of various scales. It is ergonomic The comfortable angle of learning allows both adults and children to take straddle or side-sitting postures at will, adding more functional practicability virtually.

Pony Bar Stool | Bar Stool | Ash Pony Bar Stool -Ash

SKU: A00001
  • Natural materials have their unique texture and color. The color and texture of each product are different. The product picture may have a slight color difference from the actual product due to factors such as shooting angles, lights, screens, and colors. Please refer to the actual product Mainly. The grain, texture, and color of natural stone will be slightly different; all-aniline dyed cowhide has natural texture and wrinkles; solid wood has natural texture, color difference, and wood knots. All of the above are natural phenomena and are not in the category of defects. Oxidation and rust on brass is a natural phenomenon, please keep it dry and accept it before placing an order.

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