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Heron Wireless Charging Side Table
Brand: GIAN
Origin: Taiwan
Year: 2020
The Heron Wireless Charging Side Table is sampled from the appearance of a heron standing on the water while resting, waiting for your return at home anytime. The C-shaped side table is a practical sofa accessory. It combines technology and the warmth of wooden furniture. It is made of special curved woodwork. It has a neat shape and a narrow size that can be inserted into the sofa cushion area. It is equipped with a fast-charging wireless charging module. , can support any Qi wireless charging device, the 16 cm wide desktop can place smartphones of various sizes, the braided transmission line up to 3 meters can be connected to the wall socket along the bottom of the sofa, and the groove on the side table can store the transmission line flat , the design is light and does not occupy the sofa space.

Heron Wireless Charging Side Table | Walnut | Matte Black Heron Wireless Charging Side Table

SKU: A0002
NT$8,800 Regular Price
NT$7,920Sale Price
  • Length 41 width 23 height 50 cm Desktop size length 38 width 16 cm

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