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Leather tissue roll holder

Leather tissue roll holder is a delicate kitchen accessory. It’s functional and aesthetic with the combination of leather and wood. Handle on the top gives the mobility to move briefly. With three colors and wood types arranged, it can variously fits your kitchen.

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The top European full benzene dyed leather is selected, and the leather is not over-processed. Most of the dyes used are pure natural plant tannins. The original natural texture and pores can be preserved without covering the defects with paint. Therefore, the benzene dyed cowhide has good breathability and material It has the advantages of being soft and skin-friendly and delicate to the touch, but also due to natural scars and wrinkles, the area of the material is limited. Different from the commercially available semi-benzene dyed skins and paint skins, the surface is processed, and the defective skins can be subjected to dermabrasion and coating treatment, with fewer surface defects and a higher material sampling rate. Also because all-benzene dyed leather is the closest to natural material, you must pay attention to humidity to avoid damp and mildew.

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