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Grille Round Table | Coffee Table

The Grille Turning Table was inspired from the traditional circular and grid patterns commonly found in Taiwanese cabinet furniture. By utilizing a combination of advanced materials, we've transformed these classic design elements into a contemporary product that fits into modern living spaces.


The table top, with its unique crescent moon shape, is crafted from lightweight plywood and is capable of rotating 360 degrees. The bottom of the table is made of eco-friendly Valchromat, a high-density fiberboard manufactured in Portugal. By CNC machining, the grid pattern on the bottom creates fascinating light and shadow effects that change as the table top rotates, adding an element of fun to your living space.

螢幕擷取畫面 2022-10-17 135955.png

The bottom plate is made of Valchromat, an environmentally friendly material imported from Portugal. It is made of wood fibers impregnated with organic dyes and special resins and waxes to form a unique color on the surface and fiber changes of natural logs.


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