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Tissue Cover

Inspired by the collar of a suit, the Gentleman tissue cover has the element on the two ends. The Gentleman tissue cover is available in varies color of aniline leather, which enables the durability. With the magnetic button on both sides, it’s effortless to open it. 

Inspired by Shishen's suit collar, a collar-like shape is designed at both ends of the toilet paper box, and the stiffness of the leather is used to create the feeling of a straight suit, and it is also used as an opening for replacing toilet paper. Leather toilet paper cover, like the little gentleman in the space, flexible and durable. Toilet paper is an essential household necessities, and putting on new clothes for it can highlight the owner's ingenuity for small places.

DSC04742 good.jpg

The gentleman's leather toilet paper box adopts a set of four-button buttons, and is dyed with all-benzene leather, which truly presents the purest appearance of leather, and has a considerable improvement in the use experience and years of furniture and products.

Leather Color: Dark Green/Dark Brown/Mist Black

Size: 22X11X9cm

DSC04742 good1.jpg
DSC04742 good2.jpg
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